Plumbing Leak Damage in Boston & Providence

Plumbing leaks, especially those less obvious or completely hidden, can inflict a great deal of damage to your residential or commercial property. Building material, surfaces and structures can slowly degrade or erode, leading to major water damage, foundation issues, mold growth, and more.

To stop plumbing leak damage at its source and begin the cleanup process, First Response Restoration is your most reliable solution in Boston, CambridgeWorcesterPlymouthNantucketProvidence, Salem, Brockton, Cranston, or elsewhere within our MA & RI service area. We'll identify the location and cause of your plumbing leak, mitigate further water damage, clean up and dry surfaces or contents, and perform necessary structural restoration.

D-I-Y cleanup or repair for plumbing leak damage is never recommended, so go with the First Response Restoration professionals. If you see or suspect a plumbing leak, call us ASAP at 774-551-1811, or contact us online and ask about our free estimates.

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Why First Response For Plumbing Leak Damage in Worcester, MA?

First Response Restoration should be your first and last call for these plumbing leak damage issues:

water leak detection plumbing leak damage service
  • Floors: Water naturally flows downhill and accumulates at the lowest point, which means floors or basements can end up with a lion's share of plumbing leak damage. Furniture, carpets, rugs, wood flooring, tile, grout, large electronics and more can be affected by plumbing leaks, standing water, mold or other contamination.
  • Walls: Structural damage after a plumbing leak is a potential concern, especially for exposed drywall, wood or other porous surfaces. Warp, rot, weakening, mold growth and other structural issues can worsen plumbing leak damage.
  • Ceiling: Plumbing leaks into or through a ceiling can be problematic, especially if electrical wiring is in harm's way. This presents potential fire hazards, and weakening of your ceiling is never good if it separates floors or is situated below an attic.

Trust First Response Restoration For Plumbing Leak Damage Repair in 

At First Response Restoration, our highly skilled and qualified technicians work with the latest water damage cleanup methods and equipment. We assist customers with plumbing leak damage cleanup and restoration, as well as flood damagesewage cleanup and more in BostonProvidence, and across our MA & RI service area. For affordable, effective solutions and 24/7 emergency response, call 774-551-1811 or contact us online to learn more and arrange a consultation.

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Newton, MA

The customer called us due to a sewage disaster caused by a main drain backup. It impacted the basement which affected three rooms. We removed the sewage and provided disinfection to the areas. They were left with a sanitized and safer home.

Cumberland, RI

The customer contacted us due to a main drain backup which caused sewage to overflow into his basement. We extracted the sewage water from the basement affected areas. We sanitized and scrubbed all of the affected areas as well as the washing machine and dryer. We also took apart some shelving that was contaminated. We left some fans and a dehumidifier to properly dry out the area and make sure the family was left with a clean safe home.

Brocton, MA

There was a flood in the basement of the home that seeped below the flooring. We extracted the water and removed tile floor and walls since the drywall was saturated with water as well. Then we cleaned and sanitized the area. Finally, we brought in industrial drying fans to completely dry the remaining area.

Read What Our Customers Say

  • Feb 15th, 2022
  • Posted on Google
  • 5 Stars

Very pleased with First Response Restoration. Great communication with Craig, Tara, and their team. Took care of business and explained everything with great details.

  • May 18th, 2019
  • Posted on Google
  • 5 Stars

Great communication, Corey was our contact and he answered the phone every time I called. Very patient with coordinating between different condo unit owners and really knew his stuff. He was able to put everyone at ease, and worked very quickly.

  • May 14th, 2019
  • Posted on Google
  • 5 Stars

Great company to deal with. The men worked hard and quickly to get my house back in order. I would highly recommend them for water damage.

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