Duct System Smoke Removal in Boston & Providence

Smoke can enter duct systems during house, attic or garage fires, kitchen mishaps, tobacco use or other factors. Smoke particles and residue don't vanish into thin air. Smoke trapped in your duct system requires professional removal, as air quality is severely degraded after a fire or smoke event.

Left untreated, smoke in your duct system can cycle carcinogenic substances throughout your residence or business. Professional duct system smoke odor removal is essential, and First Response Restoration has smoke odor and damage solutions you need to restore your indoor air to healthy levels.

We assist customers in Providence, Boston, Allston, and throughout our MA and RI service area. Call us today at 774-551-1811 or contact us online to learn more and arrange a consultation. We provide 24/7 emergency response and free, no-obligation estimates.

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Duct system smoke removal service

Why First Response For Air Duct Smoke?

First Response Restoration recommends air duct and vent system cleaning every three to five years. Sticky, brownish residue can develop on hard surfaces in a smoker's home as a ventilation system circulates the air. This residue can line ducts and vents and give white interior walls a yellowish tint. Even if accumulation inside the ductwork isn't apparent, the odor is detectable, especially when using central heat or AC.

Frequent smoking can leave traces of nicotine in duct systems. Professional air duct smoke removal by the experienced professionals at First Response will disinfect and deodorize your duct system, using advanced cleaning equipment, tools and methods. Don't just live with polluted air ducts. Rely on First Response for the most dependable, complete duct system smoke removal available. 

Trust First Response For Duct System Smoke Removal in Cambridge, MA

At First Response Restoration, our IICRC-certified technicians are the best in their fields. We provide 24/7 emergency service and have a proven track record of best restoration results and complete customer satisfaction. Keep your air duct system as clean as it can be, especially after severe or extended smoke exposure. Rely on First Response for the most dependable, complete duct system smoke removal available. Call us at 774-551-1811 or contact us online to learn more and arrange a consultation.

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  • Feb 15th, 2022
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Very pleased with First Response Restoration. Great communication with Craig, Tara, and their team. Took care of business and explained everything with great details.

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Great communication, Corey was our contact and he answered the phone every time I called. Very patient with coordinating between different condo unit owners and really knew his stuff. He was able to put everyone at ease, and worked very quickly.

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Great company to deal with. The men worked hard and quickly to get my house back in order. I would highly recommend them for water damage.

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